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The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups has officially taken over the Hong Kong Organic Country on 22nd February 2010 and renames it as the HKFYG Organic Farm. The farm situated at Ho Pui Reservoir, Yuen Long is about 159,400 sq. feet, all the produce of the farm are completely natural and chemical free. Up on the hill the Farm has a good natural supply of water and fresh air, along with very fertile soil – perfect conditions for the growth of organic and healthy produce. The Farm is so far the only farm in Hong Kong follows the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) National Organic Programme offering our consumers the real organic local produce.

We strive to promote local organic farming and sustainable agricultural development.


A. Our objectives are :

1.    To encourage young people through experiencing organic farming to build up a healthy life style.

2.    To promote local organic farming and produce to the public.

B. Farm Product : 


The main principle of organic farming is to farm according to climatic and land features. Exerting a tremendous effort, the HKFYG Organic Farm has planted over 100 types of vegetables and fruits, including:

(1) Crops for Winter and Spring:


Italian Lettuce, Romaine Lettuce, Red Lettuce, Indian Lettuce, Broccoli, Clauiflower, Cabbage, Red Cabbage, Shanghai Cabbage, Flowering Cabbage, Long Cabbage, White Cabbage, Carrot, Celery, Potato, Tomato, Cherry Tomato, Beet Root, Radish, Strawberry

(2) Crops for Summer and Fall:


Pumpkin, Cucumber, Hairy Gourd, Wax Gourd, Water Melon, Sweet Corn, Taro, Eggplant, French Beans, Yardlong Beans, Bell Pepper, Chili Pepper, Water Spinach.


(3) Year Round Crops:

Cactus, Papaya, Herbs 

(4) Christmas Organic Hamper

Christmas is a perfect time for sharing our joy and gratitude with our friends and customers. We therefore offer you a choice of three festive hampers, each prepared with care and love by The HKFYG Organic Farm for you to share with love ones.   
Please download the details and order form and place your order before 18th December. Free delivery except to outlying islands is available starting on 21st December.

(C) Give Life a Chance - Go Organic


The HKFYG Organic Farm reaps fresh organic crops for you and delivers them to your home. Apart from enjoying fresh vegetables and fruits, you may have your own and family’s health guaranteed. Purchasing local organic products may also help fulfill environment protection by reducing ‘food mileage’, which increases along with the transport distance.

(D) Membership


Individuals are welcome to apply for being the HKFYG Organic Farm members, who may then enjoy the privileges of purchasing organic products, joining activities at an offer and receiving the latest information about an healthy and organic lifestyle.


How to become a member

(1) Free membership for any purchase over $300 at one time.

(2) Fill out the Membership Application Form.

(3) Enjoy a 20% discount for subsequent purchase except for special items.

(4) Free delivery service for order over $400  after  discount.

(5) Delivery schedule :  Mon (Kowloon and New Territories East); Tue (Central, Western and Southren District of Hong Kong Island) ; Wed (Other districts of Hong Kong Island); Fri  (Kowloon and New Territories West); Sat  (Discovery Bay) 

(6) Customer can check our updated menu "on the web and please place your order via email or by fax 1 day prior to the delivery day.

(E) Get hands-on experience


The “HKFYG Organic Farm” provides a wide range of education programmes for schools and corporate to enable participants to learn more about organic farming  while also giving them an escape from a hectic city life. Programmes include a Liberal Studies Series, a Youth Leadership Series and a Getting-to-know-the-nature Series. Tailor-made programmes meeting different needs of participants are also available, please contact our staff for more details.

(F) How to experience it in person? 

(1)  Set out from West Rail Kam Sheung Road Station Exit C / Tai Wing Wah, Yuen Long. Then take the mini-bus no. 71 to Ho Pui Village Terminus (mind the bus direction) àArriving at Ho Pui Village Public Committee       or 

(2) Travel to Ho Pui Village Public Committee by taxi 

(3) After you have arrived at the Ho Pui Village Public Committee and face the school, take the way on left and follow the signposts to walk uphill till you reach the barbecue site. Then turn right and walk towards the HKFYG Organic Farm, which takes around 20 minutes.

(4) You drive, please follow the instructions on the sketch map.

(G) Enquiry

Opening Time:  Mon-Sun, 9:00a.m.-5:00p.m.
Farm Address:  No. 1 Family Walk, Ho Pui Reservoir, Pat Heung, Yuen Long, N.T., Hong Kong

Mailing Address:  PO Box 570, Kam Tin Post Office, N.T.

Customer Hotline:(852)2838 4808                      Fax:(852)2488 9034
Website:  organicfarm.hkfyg.org.hk

E-mail/ facebook:  organicfarm@hkfyg.org.hk

(Please make reservations should you be interested in joining our education or experiencing activities)